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Beatrice Schlegel    B.A. (hons.), M.A., MCIL

A UK-based, multi-skilled, reliable, articulate and talented English <> German translator with a proven ability to translate various types of documents with tight deadlines under pressure, whilst producing top-quality translations at a competitive price. Excellent communication skills, with clarity, effectiveness whilst being fully aware of diversity & multicultural issues, at the same time remaining aware of the professional role & boundaries of a translator. Committed individual with over 16 years’ experience as a technical in-house translator, two of which resulted in sole responsibility of the language provision service for the entire group of companies in the UK. Moreover, delivering over 8 years of freelance translations specialising in marketing/PR/tourism as well as 3 years in the field of insurance services. Fully conversant with technology and software applications, over 10 years’ experience with a leading translation memory provider, which was successfully introduced to the site by myself, as well as Microsoft office applications including other bespoke translation applications.

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